Find random name for your baby


Find random name for your baby.

“I think every parents spend really big time on finding a suitable name for their new coming baby.”

Here I have developed a simple primitive app to make random suggestions on each time you click on the “Find a Name” text.

I plan to work on this app and develop it to give you differentiated names upon different languages, and it will tell you if the name is for a baby girl or boy, you could simply choose before a couple of filters before you hit the button. Even so, eventually I will make it a more accurate and better suitable name guessing app by collecting some data like “father’s name” and “mother’s name” or birth place etc.

I hope it may one day help for parents to find names for their kids and have fun with my app.

Names here are originally chosen from French Language, but there are hundreds of other names are listed. I will also need to work on displaying names written in different alphabet letters than English.

Click over image to open the app.

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