Test Types

In overal there are 4 types of tests but in details we can increase this number to a lot more depending on the need and use case of the tests. Here are 4 main test types and their sub categories :

  1. Functional Testing
    1. Requirements-based testing
    2. Business-process-based testing
  2. Non-Functional Testing
    1. User Interface (UI) testing
    2. User Experience (UX) testing
    3. Storage testing
    4. Operational testing
    5. Security testing
      1. Penetration testing
      2. Vulnerability testing
    6. Configuration testing
      1. Conversion testing
      2. Cross-browser testing
      3. Binary Portability testing
      4. Cross-Platform testing.
    7. Localization testing
      1. Globalization testing
      2. Internationalization testing
    8. Performance testing
      1. Stress testing
      2. Load testing
      3. Stability testing
      4. Volume testing
      5. Concurrency testing
      6. Scalability testing
      7. Endurance testing
    9. Ramp testing
    10. Recovery testing
    11. Compatibility testing
      1. Backward Compatibility testing
      2. Forward Compatibility testing
    12. Usability testing
    13. Accessibility testing
  3. Structural Testing
  4. Change Related Testing
    1. Confirmation testing (Re-testing)
    2. Regression testing.

According to ISTQB definition, testing types are “means of clearly defining the objective of a certain level for a program or project”. The tester focuses on a particular test objective during test case execution.

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