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Software Testing is a systematic method that controls whether a software product matches expected requirements and that ultimate goal is to ensure that the final product is Defect free. Though thinking that a software is free of defects principaly considered as deceiving. And “Absence of defect through a testing process does not mean no defects are present.”

ISTQB foundation level sylabbus Contents

Fundamantals of Testing

What is testing

Why is testing necessary?

7 testing principles

Test Process

The psycology of testing

Test through the software devepopment lifecycle

Software development lifescyle models

Test Levels

Test Types

Maintenance testing

Static Testing

Static testing Basics

Review Process

Test Techniques

Categories of test technics

Black-box test techics

White-box test techics

Experience based test technics

Test Management

Test organization

Test planning and estimation

Test monitoring and control

Configuration management

Risk and testing

Defect Management

Tool suport for testing

Test tool considerations

Effective use of tools

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