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Since we are learning testing as a subject and object for our future career, it is always good to have a testing mentalite. Here for our future job, we may have different solutions to help us processing the test operations. We are going to inspect, test and evaluate a few of them here.

“A test tool is a software product that supports one or more test activities, such as planning and control, specification, building initial files and data, test execution and test analysis.”

Definition above is provided in the ISTQB foundation level dictionary. In phylosophy I feel it shoul be more than a software in the mind of the tester. It can be any systematic process we can use to verify one or more test activities. There is no software to test life itself yet, we are living in a simulation of test. Our case is who will make life better, create a better world and be a better man than he or she was before.

Test management & configuration tools

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